Robot grinding workstation

● The grinding system consists of grinding unit, handling system, conveying system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, electronic control system (including touch screen) and security defense system

Cleaning of engine cylinder block and cylinder head

● Self-developed cleaning & processing system for casting blank parts can achieve high-efficiency cleaning; ● The self-developed system for on-line casting deviation detection and automatic correctio

Background of Innovation Center

Background of Innovation Center In order to implement the specific measures for the development strategy and the integration of two technologies for intelligent manufacturing in Hunan and Changsha

Innovation entre blueprint

Refer to the figure below for the blue print of “industrial 4 (Zhongnan Intelligence) Innovation Centre”. The innovation centre will cover such sections and functions as intelligent manufacturing

Vision based flexible system for loading and unloading of machine tools

In this system, robot replaces manual labor in loading and unloading process of CNC machine tools, and one robot can correspond to several machine tools.

Palletizing system for household appliances robot

The system applies robots to the flexible palletizing/rollover line, so that it can meet multiple palletizing/rollover pattern. The system is equipped with code reader

Energy equipment-Turbine blade welding workstation

This system consists of welding robot, positioner, welding system and laser tracking system. The welding robot is the KUKA robot with Fronius welding system.

Food and beverage palletizing

Robot palletizing system uses automatic handling and palletizing equipment to replace the manual handling and palletizing, so that it can improve the production efficiency and quality while reducing

Welding system for railway locomotive parts

Zhongnan Intelligence provides locomotive manufacturing clients with automatic welding solutions. The company designs welding robot system for railway locomotive bogies by applying KUKA welding
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