Hazardous material distributed management system

Hazardous materials (fireworks) hub applies automatic robot loading system. In the hub, explosion-proof design is applied and hazardous materials are under omnidirectional screen and sensing detection

Automatic robot roll-down system

The system has such functions as automatic winding, automatic roll-down, automatic head extraction, automatic shaft pumping, automatic paper-tube loading, automatic measurement of roll diameter

Automatic robot packaging, weighing and conveying system

In order to improve the efficiency and quality of fabric roll packaging and labeling and the automation of equipment, we have introduced automatic robot packaging

Automatic robot handling system for garment packaging cartons

The system can realizes stacking, palletizing, handling, warehousing of the garment packaging cartons in workshop. It has such functions as stacking of packaged garments

Automatic spraying workstation

● Realize automatic mold spraying using the linkage between robot, spraying system and ignition system to improve spraying efficiency, reduce waste of coating and ensure the spraying quality;

Automatic deburring workstation

● To apply the robot to complete the deburring and chamfering after cold work;● To realize seamless joint of processes after cold work;● Widely applied by GE, Yuchai, Tianrun engine factory and domest

Automatic core-making line

● Integrate the core-making machine, tridimensional warehouse, drilling workstation, dip-coating and drying operation positions into an automatic production line using robot, gantry robot and conveyor

Bolster side-frame core-unloading robot system

As a subsidiary to Zhongnan Intelligence, Changtai Robot has supplied numerous locomotive casting clients with integral (bolster and side frame) automatic core-unloading system which consists

Automatic core-picking, core assembly and flow coating robot system

Core picking and core assembly robot line for engine cylinder and cylinder head● Engine casting workshop, annual capacity of 300 thousand tons● Use 21 robots to complete the picking, deburring
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