Aerospace 800 casting polishing project

● Casting material: magnesium alloy (magnesium content up to 90%)● Realize functions: vertical cutting, face milling, internal grinding● Advanced: using the visual + laser measurement method

Machine tool automatic loading and unloading system

This system can be transformed into a robotic automatic loading and unloading production line on the basis of the existing CNC machining equipment to realize automatic processing of various workpieces

Technical cooperation

In recent years, the state has vigorously advocated energy-saving and new energy vehicles. In 2017, Zhongnan Smart, as the only robot enterprise, and China FAW, Huawei and other units jointly formulat


Casting is the foundation of industry. In the field of intelligent casting, Zhongnan Intelligent's products and services cover almost the whole process of the entire casting field. We have provided se

Robot automatic tin-casting grinding workstation

● The grinding system consists of grinding unit, handling system, conveying system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, electronic control system (including touch screen) and security defense system.
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