Company Profile


Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd or ZEQP was established in December 0f 2017. ZEQP has owned three subsidiaries, including Changsha Changtai Robotics Co., Ltd., Hunan Industrial Intelligent Innovation Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Hunan Central South Intelligent Laser Technology Co., Ltd.. It has also jointly established the Hunan Industry 4.0 Innovation Center with Siemens , and created the joint venture Anhui Hailuo Central South Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. with Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd.


ZEQP is a comprehensive intelligent equipment manufacturing platform in Hunan Province. With digital technology as the core, industrial internet technology as the platform, and ultra precision laser processing equipment as the main direction of research and industrialization,  ZEQP is committed to build a first-class global industrial intelligent product research& development center and an intelligent manufacturing platform. ZEQP has taken the leading place in dozens of research projects of national, provincial & ministerial level, such as the national major research and development plan, the industrial Internet innovation and development project, ect. ZEQP is the only Chinese enterprise so far who won the IERA Award, which is the highest honor in the international robot industry been awarded by IEEE.


  Since its establishment, ZEQP has supplied hundreds of intelligent manufacturing lines to the global equipment manufacturing companies, its robot system engineering delivery  capabilities are among the forefront in China. The RIVAL Industrial Internet Platform designed by ZEQP is included in the first batch of cross-industry and cross-domain Discrete Manufacturing Digital Twin Platform initiated and sponsored by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The laser galvanometer scanner product developed by ZEQP is the first product in China which has been certificated by EU TUV and CE as well as has passed through the product test by State Grid Corporation of China or State Grid. The innovative quality management model based on "digital control" and "standardization leadership" designed by ZEQP was awarded the honor of "National Quality Benchmark" in 2020. In 2023, ZEQP was awarded the title of Elite Enterprise in Science and Technology Reform by Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. ZEQP also has a wide industry influence, e.g., ZEQP is the vice chairman unit of China Robot Industry Alliance, the vice chairman unit of China Intelligent Casting Industry Alliance, the director unit of China Military Civil Integration Industry Alliance, the chairman unit of the Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Association, and the executive director unit of the Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technology Committee.