Company Profile


Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company (the company for short hereinafter) is a provincial state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform which is established in accordance with the requirements of the Hunan provincial Party committee and the provincial government, approved by the Hunan provincial SASAC. Based in Hunan, the company develops its business around the world. It is committed to the intelligent manufacturing products and services for full industry chain and providing high-quality smart solutions to various application areas. 

The company has a wide range of products and rich application scenarios. It has set up long-term cooperation with CRRC Corporation Limited (known as CRRC), China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), China Poly, China FAW, Dong Feng Motor (DFM), Chang Feng Auto, Geely Auto, Chongqing Mechatronics, Weichai Power, Yuchai Group, Haier Group, Sany Group and TBEA.

Strong in scientific research, the company has more than 10 patented software copyright and inventions and has won provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards and undertaken major national intelligent equipment projects for three consecutive years.

The company has set up a“Industrial 4.0 (Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company) Innovation Centre” jointly with Changsha Municipal People's Government and Siemens, applying the industrial 4.0 top-level design to serve the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The company has established a strategic positioning of "1+X". With automobile, casting and civil explosive as its major business, the company has expanded the business to intelligent ports, intelligent textile, civil-military integration, CNC machine tools, steel building materials and other industries. In the future, the company will focus on intelligent transformation of manufacturing enterprises, expanding service objects and areas using joint acquisitions, capital leverage and financial instruments, accelerating the great-leap-forward development of the company and building itself into a China’s leading integrated service provider of intelligent production.