Innovation entre blueprint

Innovation entre blueprint

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Refer to the figure below for the blue print of “industrial 4 (Zhongnan Intelligence) Innovation Centre”. The innovation centre will cover such sections and functions as intelligent manufacturing


Industry 4.0 Innovation Center

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Refer to the figure below for the blue print of “industrial 4 (Zhongnan Intelligence) Innovation Centre”. The innovation centre will cover such sections and functions as intelligent manufacturing capability centre, intelligent manufacturing innovation lab, industry solution research centre, mass entrepreneurship and innovation service, and intelligent manufacturing talents training. 
Innovation Centre Blueprint
Overall structure of innovation center

1)Intelligent manufacturing capability center
Innovation Centre Blueprint
With the advanced concept of “industrial 4”, the intelligent manufacturing capability center will be built by introducing SIEMENS's experience and ability in the field of digital factory and based on the real demand of manufacturing industry in Hunan and Changsha. The center will fully embody the two core concepts of “DigitalTwin”, namely, “production upon the verification, and entity is the data”, covering not only virtual software, but also entitative production line.  
The intelligent manufacturing capability center is modeled on SIEMENS digital factory, but it is unlike SIEMENS's own digital factory. The intelligent manufacturing capability center focuses on bringing the powerful software architecture behind Siemens Digital Factory to the front desk, which is displayed through each and every site/operation position, to form a demonstrative, interactive, learning and practical demonstration line for intelligent manufacturing capability. This will help to the visitors and practitioners not only understand the operation principle of the actual production line of digital factory, but also experience in person the software that supports production line and the seamless Integration between software and hardware. 

2)Intelligent manufacturing innovation laboratory
Innovation Centre Blueprint
Intelligent manufacturing innovation laboratory is a professional lab built to reveal the depth of intelligent manufacturing capability center and based on the real demand of local business and technological development. 
May manufacturing enterprises or makers feel interested in any single technology after visiting the digital capacity center, they can choose corresponding innovation laboratory for deep understanding. Construction of innovation lab involves experience accumulation in software, hardware and industrial technology. For the consideration of limited funds and technology, enterprises or makers can share the lab in the innovation center, and they can also establish industry research, enterprise services, as well as industry-university-research and technological achievements exchange and transformation platform by relying on the lab. 

3)Industry solutions research center
Innovation Centre Blueprint
Industry solutions research center is built with an aim to provide digital solutions to specific industries within the region. Based on the global benchmarking enterprise knowledge “KnowHow”, Siemens refines the “BestPractice” in this industry, which are preset in SIEMENS digital software by means of knowledge base, process and template.
Enterprises or makers can learn from the world's leading enterprises in the way of virtual experience and by relying on SIEMENS industry experience and knowledge.
The innovation center will develop digital solutions for local enterprises in line with their own characteristics, through analyzing and studying the demand of specific industry and combining the leading intelligent digital manufacturing technology.

4)Mass entrepreneurship and innovation service
Innovation Centre Blueprint
The center will provide public technical services to small and micro businesses and start-ups, universities and research institutions, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, and provide the small and micro businesses in industrial digital maker space with platform service including digital technological innovation and product development, thus growing into a technological innovation incubation and industrial base.
The center will provide the small and medium sized enterprises with technology upgrading plan, and advice on the application for patent and other value added Intellectual property businesses, assist them to develop into hi-tech enterprises and push forward the implementation of the innovation development strategy of Changsha and Hunan. 

5)Intelligent manufacturing talents training
Innovation Centre Blueprint
By relying on the overall platform of the innovation center, applying the regional expert resources and under the guidance of SIEMENS global best practices, the intelligent manufacturing capability center will constantly and continuously develop an intelligent and digitalized curriculum system and certification system, including advanced curriculum system for senior talents, technical curriculum system for intermediate talents and skill oriented curriculum system for junior talents. 

6)Technology communication, interactive experience and service demonstration line for intelligent manufacturing
Innovation Centre Blueprint
The overall environment of the innovation center provides a good platform for the promotion of intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition area and interactive experience area provide visitors with the most intuitive and vivid experience in intelligent manufacturing technology. 
Where conditions are mature, innovation center will cooperate with enterprises or other manufacturing resources in the region to build intelligent manufacturing demonstration line for key industries and digital demonstration line / demonstration plant, thus forming the pattern of 1+N (1 intelligent manufacturing capability demonstration line +N digital factory line), so as to provide models and drives for the industry and the regions.

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